Bankruptcy isn't the end of the world for you. Filing for bankruptcy is a chance for you to make a change in your financial life and to get back on your feet. It doesn't mean you can't ever make a purchase or get a loan or anything else again. You will feel like you have financial freedom again, but it will take time and some changes for that to happen. See below for tips to help you make your financial comeback after bankruptcy.

Change Those Old Bad Habits

If you were living paycheck to paycheck and spending frivolously on things you didn't need, you need to change these habits. Eat at home, save your money and think about what you are spending your money on before actually making a purchase to help you change these bad habits. Always pay your bills first before spending any extra money out of your account, and if you have leftover, don't just spend it.

Start A Savings Account

Start a savings account or an emergency fund, that way if you end up in a jam later and need money, you have that extra somewhere that you can borrow from to get you out of trouble. You should have at least 3 months worth of your expenses put away. It will take some time to get that in your account, but any little bit will help you. Start a savings account and do not touch it unless it's for an emergency. 

Open Up A Credit Card Account

Opening up a credit card account may seem like a bad idea, but it will help to get your credit score up. Open up the card, but it isn't to use and rack up excessive amounts of debt. Make a small purchase here and there and pay it off immediately. This will help your credit score as it will show you have an open account, but it isn't maxed out and payments are being made on time and purchases are being paid off. The credit card will most likely have a high interest rate, so don't spend too much on it or you could end up in trouble again.

There is life after filing for bankruptcy and you can have financial freedom after you file. It's a new beginning, not the end of the world. Take this as an opportunity to start anew and change those old habits. Talk to a bankruptcy attorney about other things you can do after filing for bankruptcy.